5A1 - Norwalk-Huron County Airport


Elevation 852'

RWY 10/28 is 4210' x 75'
Three mic clicks for Pilot Controlled Rwy lights - 122.8
5A1 has a RWY 28 GPS-RNAV Approach!
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Norwalk-Huron County Airport (5A1)
961 US Route 20 E, Norwalk, OH 44857
Mail: PO Box 406, Norwalk, OH 44857
Phone: (419) 668-5400 - (airport is unattended)

Huron County Airport Frequencies
CTAF - 122.8
Cleveland Approach/Departure (VFR/IFR) - 124.2
Pilot Controlled Lighting - 3 clicks on CTAF

Clearance Delivery-CLE - Tel #440/774-0490
Clearance Delivery-National - Tel #888/766-8267

Huron County Airport Authority Members

Scott Sparks - President - Tel # 419/706-2901

Nick Burch - Tel # 419/706-5293

Michael Barefoot - Tel # 419/656-9629

Huron County Airport Board Meetings are routinely held on the second Monday of each month, at 10:30AM, in the Airport Admin Building, unless otherwise stated.

Avgas 100LL - $5.49/gallon (effective 09/13/2023)

Jet A - $5.25/gallon
(effective 07/31/2023)

Prist Fuel Additive - $20.00(effective 01/21/2023)(For sale in office/FBO

5A1 Weather - Say Weather Pro System
4 clicks on Mic - 122.8 freq - within 10 miles


A standard left-hand traffic pattern shall be used when entering traffic. The traffic pattern altitude shall be 1850' MSL (1000').

Departure from the Airport shall be a straight out climb until 1350' MSL (500' AGL) then the pilot shall choose to either continue the straight out departure or make a 45-degree left turn to exit the traffic pattern.

You can also check out the airport's official website for additional information at:


5A1 FBO WiFi Network = PILOTS
(No password required)

Rental Car Info
Enterprize (Sandusky) - 419-621-8181

Airport (5A1) Loaner Vehicle
Call 419/668-5400 to check availability

Taxi Service Provided by GT CAB SERVICE
Tel # 419-577-2286
See website link for GT Cab Service in the right column under Airport Information

5A1 Fee Schedule
$10 - overnight ramp fee
$20 - overnight hangar use (Call Aiport)
1st night ramp fees waived with fuel purchase

$25 - overnight ramp fee for jets
$50 overnight hangar use (Call airport)
(Envelopes and Lockbox inside Fuel Building - Honor System)

Current Hangar Rates at 5A1

1. Commercial Hangar Space----- $155.79/month
2. Maintenance Hangar------------Currently Occupied
3. Blue T-Hangar---------------------$186.95/month
4. Tan T-Hangar----------------------$186.95/month
Tan T-Hangar ends (2)-------------$203.95/month
5. D West Hangar space-----------$155.79/month

10% discount for multiple planes
1st plane is Full Price
5% Discount for 1 year rent in advance
CALL 419/668-5400 To Check Hangar Availability


As of 02/13/2023, there are only 2 T-hangars currently available at 5A1, (B7 & B2) at a cost of $186.95/month. Call Scott at Tel # 419-668-5400 for details!!

Hangar Space  for Rent
Immediate occupancy!

Self-Service Fuel
100LL & Jet A Fuel is available at 5A1 with a credit card 24/7

Airport Information


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